I developed a fascination of travel, geography, and new cultures early on. I was the kid who in the 3rd grade would pick up every brochure and map at the rest area. I meticulously journaled our family road trips from Louisiana to Florida, noting our mileage each day.

In junior high school my Halloween costume one year was a "tourist" - complete with floral top, sun hat and camera slung around my neck. Back then, I even had pen pals. Yes, real pen pals that I exchanged letters with. I loved receiving postcards from all over the world - especially the stamps!

In high school, I may have been the only teenager whose favorite thing about Disney World was the World Showcase at EPCOT Center. I collected the flag pins from each country to add to my denim jacket, dreaming of the day that I could visit those places in person.

Fast forward an entire lifetime and two careers in marketing and the non-profit world and Verdant World Travels has become a reality.

While I'm game for just about any destination, the vacations I've loved most always include some element of the outdoors. Whether it's hiking in a national park, watching a Grand Slam tennis tournament, paragliding over castles in Germany or simply enjoying the parks in a walkable city - each vacation includes a balance of city and country, site-seeing and relaxation.

I hope to help my clients find what is special to them about travel. New to travel and not sure what your style is yet? I can help you discover what type of travel best matches your interests and personality.

Already know how you like to travel? I can take care of all the details so you can enjoy a stress free vacation.

Ready to plan your next adventure? Reach out to me today.

Jennie Brewster

Halloween circa 1984

Places I've Visited- US (1)